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Dacey Competes In The Lake Placid 2018 Iron Man

Dacey Competes In The Lake Placid 2018 Iron Man

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. - Kyle Dacey, Finger Lakes Community College Head Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach, and Assistant Men's and Women's Track & Field Coach, competed in the Lake Placid 2018 Iron Man Triathlon.

The Iron Man is composed of three very long-distanced races back-to-back, with no breaks in between. The three events are a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bicycle ride, and finally, a 26.22 mile run. Each race is run in the order of swim, bicylce ride, and run. The race usually takes place within a 17-hour time limit, and those who can compete within this time, are considered an "Ironman."

Dacey competed in the Lake Placid, NY race this past Sunday, July 22nd. His overall time was 11:09:45. His swim time was 1:07:38, his bike time was 5:50:55, and his run time was 4:02:38. His performance earned him 3,891 points. He was placed in the 25-29 age division. He ranked 107 for the men, and 20 in his division. His overall rank was 128. 

Dacey, going into his second year as the Head Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach, has been actively training for this race, and others, over a long span of time. He has been working with his athletes, and himself, to create the optimum eating, workout, and lifestyle habits to lead them to greater success on their courses. He frequently runs with his teams, and practices what he preaches.