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Cooper Breaks All-Time Double Record To Help Sweep Panthers

Cooper Breaks All-Time Double Record To Help Sweep Panthers

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. - The Finger Lakes Community College Baseball team won their third double header in a row on Tuesday against the Tompkins Cortland Community College Panthers. They won 5-4 in game one, and 16-6 in five innings in game two.

Game One

The day started out on an exciting note in the first inning. The Panthers started out the scoring on Tuesday. They started out with Alex Babcock singling to get on base. Then a wild pitch was thrown, advancing Babcock to second. Charlie Hammel watched the final ball of his at bat and walked, while the ball was a wild pitch, and Babcock advanced to third. Garret Hunter grounded out to second base which scored Babcock from third. Storm Grant came up to bat and hit a homerun over the left field fence, scoring both himself, and Hammel. This would end their scoring for the inning.

The Lakers showed they were in the game just as much as the Panthers in their first at bats. They started out with Anderson Xapsos walking to get on base early. Chris Gresham grounded out to third base, but still advanced Xapsos to second. Cody Cooper got on base on an error by the shortstop, which ended up scoring Xapsos, and put Cooper on second. Trevor Bradshaw came up to bat and watched a wild pitch go, that advanced Cooper to third base. Bradshaw watched a couple more balls, and walked on base. Jake Rugaber came up and hit an RBI single that scored Cooper from third. This would end the scoring for the inning.

At the bottom of the second inning, Lewis Pettit walked on base to start. After a few attempts at picking off Pettit, a wild pick-off attempt to the first baseman advanced Pettit to second base. Xapsos then walked, putting two on base for the Lakers. On a steal attempt, Pettit was thrown out heading to third, while Xapsos stayed put on first. Xapsos later stole second, putting him in scoring position. Cooper came up again, and hit an RBI single to score Xapsos, making the score 3-3 going into the third inning.

In the bottom of the third inning, it started with Rugaber getting hit by a pitch and putting him on base. After yet, another wild pick-off attempt, Rugaber advanced to second. Bryan Santiago-Speranza laid down and sacrifice bunt to put Rugaber on third. Chris Karam caused a shortstop error, putting him on base, and scoring Rugaber.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, up to bat with two outs, Cooper rips a double to right-center, breaking the FLCC Baseball's all-time double record. It was his 24th double of his career with the Lakers. This set up for Bradshaw to hit an RBI single, scoring Cooper.

At the top of the seventh inning, the Panthers were determined to score some more points. They started out with Dan Santiago walking to first. Then, Austin Rourke was hit by a pitch, putting him on first, and advancing Santiago. David Crow reached first on an error, moving both Santiago, and Rourke up a base. Then Babcock hit into a fielder's choice, which scored Santiago from third. This would finish out the scoring for game one.

Evan Pappalardo pitched the win for the Lakers. He only allowed four hits, and had seven strike outs. Ben Mulhall was credited the save, striking one person out.

Game leaders for the Lakers were Cooper with a double and two RBIs, and Bradshaw, Rugaber, and Karam each with one RBI.

Game Two

The Lakers came ready to play in game two. They started out the game with Gresham hitting a single to put him on first. Cooper then hits a single, himself, and advances Gresham to second. Bradshaw comes up and gets hit by a pitch, loading the bases. Rugaber then walks, which scores Gresham for the first run of the game.

In the bottom of the second inning, Aaron Shoemaker starts it off with a walk. Xapsos then gets walked, putting runners on first and second. Gresham rips a single that scores Shoemaker and advanced Xapsos to third. On a wild pitch, Gresham advances to second, and Xapsos comes in for another run. Cooper then hits double number 25, and scores Gresham.

The third inning is where the Panthers start putting runs on the board. John Wike starts off the inning hitting a single to put a baserunner on for the Panthers. Jake Woods then gets hit by a pitch, putting him on base, and advancing Wike to second. Chris Micucci hits an RBI single that scored Wike from second, and advances Woods to second. A wild pitch then advances them both into scoring position. Babcock comes up and rips a two RBI single that scores both Woods and Micucci.

The Lakers decided to answer back. Michael Calderon-Torres started off the inning by reaching first on an error. Jarrod Williams then walks, and moves Calderon-Torres to second. Shoemaker hits a single and loads the bases. Then Nick Stein hit a sacrifice fly out to left field that scored Calderon-Torres. After a wild failed pick-off attempt, Williams advances to third. Xapsos draws another walk, and loads the bases again. Gresham then came up and ripped an RBI single that scored Williams, and kept the bases loaded. Bradshaw comes up and hits the shot of the day, way out to right field for a 3 RBI triple. Rugaber came up and hits another shot that scoring Bradshaw.

The Panthers weren't ready to be out of the game yet. In the fourth inning, they started it off with Austin Kulas walking to get on base. Wike, then singles, advanicing Kulas. Crow then walks, and loads the bases for the Panthers. Micucci hits and sacrifice fly to right field, which scored Kulas from third. Babcock then comes up and hits an RBI single scoring Wike. On a passed ball, Crow comes in to score their final run of the game.

To finish out the scoring, the Lakers started the bottom of the fourth inning with Williams walking. Shoemaker then gets hit by a pitch, and advances Williams to second. After another wild, failed pick-off attempt, Williams makes it to third. Stein draws a walk, loading the bases. Xapsos gets hit by a pitch, automatically scoring Williams. Gresham then comes up and hits a 3 RBI single, scoring Shoemaker, Stein, and Xapsos. Cooper hit into a fielder's choice that got Gresham out going to third. Bradshaw, and Rugaber both walked, loading the bases again. Then Calderon-Torres hits a two RBI single to finish out the scoring for the day.

Bryan Bizzaro started on the mound for the Lakers. He allowed six runs, and had four strikeouts. Dylan Creasey came in later, and recorded the win.

Game leaders for the Lakers were Gresham with five RBIs, Bradshaw with a triple and three RBIs, and Rugaber with a double and two RBIs.

The Lakers were scheduled to play the Panthers again, at Tompkins Cortland today, but it was postponed due to rain. They will now play Corning Community College on Sunday, April 15th at home. They will start at 1:00pm.